Film: Raja Rani
Starring: Arya, Nayantara, Jai, Nazriya Nazim, Santhanam
Director: Atlee Kumar
Producer: A. R. Murugadoss
Banner: Murugadoss Productions, Fox Star Studios
Music: G. V. Prakash Kumar
Raja Rani, the tale of two youngsters Arya [John] and Nayantara [Regina], who uninterestingly get married due to the fathers alliance. Life of John and Regina goes on like Tom and Jerry show with ego clashes between them. Meanwhile, they unknowingly meet up with Jai and Nazriya Nazim, another new couple, what’s their role? Will John and Regina sort out their problems? Will form the crux of Raja Rani…
Arya has delivered outstanding performance till date. As John, Arya has shown variance in presentation besides his good looks. Especially emotional scenes and second half are well handled.
Nayantara has given a worth comeback, as Regina she seems to have portrayed what she is in real life. Nayantara’s performance is one of the best in her career. As a sensitive, soft-hearted girl with loads of attitude, who even cries when things go wrong, is watchable on screen.
Jai as an innocent customer care executive seems convincing in his role, though not long-lasting.
Nazriya Nazim has given a superior performance compared to Neeram. The diva who is just17 years old improving her act film-to-film.
Sathyaraj is apt as father of Nayantara so as her college friend played by Misha Ghoshal. Sathyan is at his best as Jai’s friend thus Arya’s friend Santhanam, who excelled with his witty one-liners and comic timing besides an emotional advice.
Technical Analysis:
Atlee being debutant director proved his mettle. Though Raja Rani is quite predictable script, director managed to stick audiences with his meaty screenplay and kudos to his choice of star cast.
GV Prakash Kumar’s music and background scores are extremely well and supported the simple narration of Atlee at its best.
George C. Williams’s cinematography is good every scene is shot to fine-looking and keep up with the costumes designed by Deepali and Chaitanya Rao.
Anthony L. Ruben’s editing works are perfect though movie appears to be lengthy yet no complaints.
Raja Rani is a simple, feel good romantic entertainer by director Atlee. Arya holds the film with his substantial performance and together with Santhanam he brought theater down with laughs. Nayanthara is glamorous, while Jai and Nazriya Nazim performed equally better.
Despite the fact that RajaRani is not so preachy, it delivers a good message through narrative. Atlee’s confidence had worked big time as the script unfolding is only done through its story.
Final Verdict:
An emotional journey of Raja Rani is fun to watch…
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